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With a degree in fine art (and a minor in sociology), Janice Wolfenbarger became the art teacher at Faith Lutheran Academy in Las Vegas in 2007. As a professional artist and teacher, people quickly began asking her for private lessons, and Clay Dates was born.


Though Janice works in many mediums, she is known particularly for her custom ceramic sculptures and jewelry. With her private kiln and huge selection of bisque and glazes, the possibilities are truly unlimited.


Depending on the event, the kids either sculpt their own pieces from professional-grade clay or glaze pre-built ceramic bisque with their choice of colors and designs. Each piece is individually inspected for possible issues such as air bubbles before being fired. Each child then gets their own, permanent, unique ceramic piece.

Hands-on learning
is the best learing

Janice Wolfenbarger


Janice is a long-time Las Vegas resident with deep ties to her community. She has been a professional artist for over twenty years and has been teaching children art for over ten.